World Domination
The site's been up for a month, we've nuked our bandwidth limit.

The site's been up for a month, we've nuked our bandwidth limit, had 5000-odd MP3s downloaded and lots of good feedback. As Hannibal would say: "I love it when a plan comes together." Big thanks to Styleboost, three.oh and all the other nice people who linked to the site after its launch. Also thanks to Dan Chick and IBG Hosting for not shutting us down when it went nuts for a while... :-)

We've just put some photos up from the last couple of gigs in the images section and in the next few weeks expect a new tune and another remix of Static to appear.

Keep 'em peeled.

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New MP3 - "Blind"
To mark the launch of the new site we're posting our first new MP3 for many a month.

To mark the launch of the new site we're posting our first new MP3 for many a month. The track in question is entitled "Blind" and was recorded over the cold winter months.

We've also slightly updated the track "Deja Vu" that appeared on the old website. We tidied some things up, put some new backing vocals on and did a new mix.

To download MP3s of both these tunes head over to the music pages, have a listen and let us know what you think on the forum.

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Four (On Da Floor)
Oli F's "Statick [Remixt]" turned up in the post.

We love getting pressies through the post. Imagine our delight when a CD turns up from former band member containing an utterly stomping technoid dance remix of Static.

To hear Oli F's "Statick [Remixt]" head over to the remixes page. We'll also keep you up to date on when his next releases are appearing too. Assuming he tells us, that is.

There's more on the way so keep checking back. If anyone out there is interested in remixing a Slide Pheromone tune and have it appear on the site, drop us a line a and we'll go from there.

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Moving pictures! What'll they think of next?
July gigs available at Online TV

For those of you who couldn't make it the July <a href="" target="_new">Bull & Gate</a> gig the set is available at Online TV. You'll need to sign up with them (which is free) and the videos are in Windows Media Player format. 

Best way to find the gig is to go to "Band Search" and type in "slide" - it should come up straight away. The July gig is the one where they can't spell Pheromone. The other one is from September. 

The <a href="" target="_new">Toupé</a> gig from the same night is also on the site...well worth checking out.

Link: <a href="" target="_new"></a>

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Sarah hangs from a chandelier for Elle magazine!
Slide Pheromone vocalist Sarah spent an afternoon with Elle magazine getting the Rock Star treatment...

Slide Pheromone vocalist Sarah Rogers spent a very pleasant afternoon with Elle magazine getting the Rock Star treatment... 

Sarah appears on pages 52-53 of February 2002's Elle magazine, pictured standing on a table fondling a chandelier, clad in leather and electric blue boots! 

Though Sarah was pleased with the overall look she complains about being misquoted; she firmly denies ever mentioning she wanted to look like J-Lo!

To see the feature get in touch with us, or the back issues department of Elle magazine!

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Armadillo CD "Claws Out" released.
The Armadillo Records compilation CD (featuring "Close Your Eyes" by Slide Pheromone) was released yesterday.

The Armadillo Records compilation CD (featuring "Close Your Eyes" by Slide Pheromone) was released yesterday.

The CD costs £5 and features tracks from 12 unsigned bands, many of whom will be appearing at special showcase events in the coming months.

The initial showcase took place at The Dublin Castle last night and featured New Addiction, Luxembourg and Giant, all of whom turned in great performances. 

To obtain your copy of the CD, head over to the Armadillo Records website at and order one, or purchase a copy directly at the gigs. But hurry, they are strictly limited edition...

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The New Vee.
Or, "Familiarity breeds litigation."

There is something extremely... familiar about Gibson's new Flying V and it took me a couple of goes to work out what it was. At first I thought it might be because it has the '57 Chevy tailfin-esque curve on the sides. (In which case American Showster do it bettter.) And there was the awesome aluminium Jackson Roswell Rhoads that had the curvy offset V thing going on.

But no, that's not it. It's waaaaay more lawsuit worthy familiar than that.

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Dirty Computer
Or, "The ArchAndroid is back."

It would seem Janelle Monàe's love of sci-fi will not be abating anytime soon. Which is excellent news. The Metropolis suite is one of my favourite things.

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A Lack of Focus.
Or, "It ain't like it used to be."

I learned something this afternoon while out with that old Zenit SLR.  Today... I couldn't get an image in focus in the viewfinder. Nothing. Not a sausage. My initial assumption was I'd broken something (it's been in the boot of the car and bounced up and down the M1 a couple of times this week). What I didn't realise until I'd got home is that my eyes are likely the problem...

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Slide Pheromone was a band.